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Movie Inspiration Review of Baadshah

  Movie Details  

Movie Name


Release Year



Sharukh Khan

Inspired By

Nick Of Time,The Mask, Rush Hour, Mr. Nice Guy and more

Copy Level

Copy Level 5 Story, Plot, Scenes, Sequences

Corresponding Actors

Shahrukh Khan

Johnny Depp, Jackie Chan and others

Warning: Plot Spoilers Ahead

  Inspiration Details  

The dance number at the beginning of the movie, "Main Te Hoon Pagal", is inspired by the "Cuban Pete" song from "The Mask" played by Jim Carry.

Many sequences are copied from Mr. Nice Guy. Like the one when Shahrukh pushes Twinkle's chest to move her away from the goon's view, and later pinning the goon down with the front part of the truck. Also the sequence in which there is an under construction building with lot of doors and Shahrukh is chased by lot of goons in there.

Another scene is taken from a commercial of Horlics (or some other health drink) where Shahrukh climbs up a wall using some spy shoe gadget and is spotted by a kid.

Main story line of the movie is from Nick of Time (1995).

Towards the end, the sequence of bomb laced jacket, driving vehicle into building with the girl, climbing to the top of the building to escape, and the fall, ripped directly out of Jackie Chan's Rush Hour.

If Looks Could Kill (1991 also known as Teen Agent) , about an agent who is killed and a boy with the same name is mistaken for him, and gets fitted with all kinds of high tech gadgets (a car, boots that stick to walls, exploding gum). Moreover here also one of the good agent is poisoned on the airport by a female agent. Same set of sequence goes in this movie also. Its plot is also somewhat same as the plot of Baadshah.

This summary of If Looks Could Kill is from
"When someone starts killing off European finance ministers, British Intelligence call upon the help of a top agent known only by the codename Michael Corben. At the same time high-school student Michael Corben heads to France with his summer school French class. Unknown to him the secret agent Michael Corben is also on the plane but is shot by enemy agents. Upon arrival, the teen Corben is then mistaken for Corben the agent. Outfitted with hi-tech gadgets, he is immediately plunged into the world of espionage where he has to stop a crazed finance minister who is planning to overtake Europe"


  Movie Story Line  

A comedy movie in which a private detective goes to Goa for rescuing a girl from clutches of the kidnappers, gets mixed up with a secret agent who is killed by villains who want to kill the chief minister of the state. Then after lot of stealing of scenes, plots and comedy from lot of movies, the detective is able to rescue the girl as well as the chief minister and kill the villain.


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