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Movie Inspiration Review of Naksha

  Movie Details  

Movie Name


Release Year



Sunny Deol, Vivek Oberoi, Jackie Shroff

Inspired By

The Rundown (Welcome to the Jungle) (2003)

Copy Level

Copy Level 5 Partial Story, Scenes

Corresponding Actors

Dwayne Johnson

Sunny Deol
Seann William Scott Vivek Oberoi

Warning: Plot Spoilers Ahead

  Inspiration Details  

This movie is partially copied of the English movie The Rundown. It also contains element from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). Though the main story line and plot is different, but partial story line including exect scene sequences are copied from the movie.

Sunny there to take Vivek back to his mommy (as against daddy in The Rundown), and Vivek is on the trail of a treasure as was Scott in the Jungle. First Sunny is adament in taking him back, but later go along with him to the treasure. The same storyline is there in the Rundown.

The Jeep flick in the river while Vivek trying to escape Sunny, is same as in The Rundown.

Villain's two huntermen are also there in The Rundown, having 10 feet long hunters with them.

Migets capture the heros in the jungle using hte booby traps which hang then on the tree. Vivek knows the language of them and made them think that Sunny is bad person and they fight with him. This whole sequence including the fight around the trees is same as that in The Rundown.

Leap of Faith puzzle from the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is put in as it is.


  Movie Story Line  
This is a clue finding, puzzle solving action-adventure treasure hunting movie. Story is about a Map which leads to the sacred treasure as mentioned in the epic Mahabharat. And the treasure is the Kavach and Kundal of Karn that is placed at a temple in Himalay. Villain is in search of it, and hero's father foiled his attempt and died doing so. Now the sons go back on the trail so does the villain which ends in the death of the villain.


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