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Science Fiction Concepts
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Novels, Movies, Computer Games featuring Science Fiction Concepts and Plots and brief storyline.



Science fiction is The Present of the Future. It defines the way the world will be in the coming days. Well not everything as suggested by the Science Fiction becomes the future.

"Texts about what can be realized are science fiction and those about what cannot be realized are fantasy."





Novels and stories are the foremost way of telling the science fiction. Great authors like H.G. Well got the fiction part of the science to new levels.




Second most popular way of conveying a science fiction story. Though many of the SF movies are made from the novels, but there are still many original classics, like the relatively recent The Matrix.



  Video Games  

Relatively a new medium which grew with the growth in computers and electronics. Now there are instances of Video Games being converted to Novels and Movies, like Id's Doom.


Lets explore the science fiction world and get our hands dirty.

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