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Palm Simulator Patcher

Sim patcher is a result of issue with the Palm Simulator simulating the Non Volatile storage in the newer Palm Devices. To simulate this feature (see the links below for more information on Palm NV memory) a file is created for the NV memory on the Hard Disk as the volume storage and used accross Simulator sessions. The problem was that the NV storage path was hard coded as "C:\PALM\SimSlotDriverVolume". This caused the simulator to create and use the volume from this fixed location in all the cases. It was OK if we used a single Simulator, but since testing needs use of various simulators this caused management of the SimSlotDriverVolume file for each simulator.

Palm Non Volatile memory explained at Palm One Knowledge Base
NVFS at wikipedia

This problem is applicable to the Device Simulators having Non Volatile memory, like
1. Palm T5 Simulator
2. Palm Treo 650 Simulator
3. Palm TX Simulator

So people (not me) came up with the idea of patching the simulator to have the volume file to be present in the current directory, instead of the hard coded path.

This utility is based on the same idea and it patches the simulator with the file name string that referes to a location in the same directory the simulator resides (.\PatchdSimSlotDriverVolume).

Please use it on your own risk.
Note: It makes a backup of the file (SimSlotDrvr.dll as SimSlotDrvr.dll.bak) before patching it.

Put the executable in the Simulator directory, and double click to run.

Screen Shot
Screen shot of Sim Patcher

Any issues, bugs please let me know.

Download Uitlity
Download by clicking here (

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2006

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