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Time 'The Invincible'

Time 'The Invincible'

Time! thou the greatest enemy,
ever since great and ever shall be.
For I, the mean, bow down before you,
since none is great, none shall be.

In adversaries, acted like a path breaker
but at occasions, as aboon, a friend for ever.
Showed so much of chaos and happiness too.
Who else on this earth can ever surpass you.

With the varied role that you played,
showing fortunes and misfortunes all its way.
The greatest role that lies on your part,
is the advent of civilization, its mystic art.

The fame and fervour, the games and glories,
the work of Brava does,the inventions and discoveries.
They all formulated in the course of your deed.
For time! thou the greatest of the great indeed.

Alpana Singh

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