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In the season of winter, amidst the falling rain
Blowing of frigid winds, facilitating the chilling pain
First ray of sun thru the clouds when light
Gives he warmth, as if you are in sight

The innocence of child, nudging your face
Cuteness of yours, slowing the sun's pace
The beauty o nymph, coiffure o dusk
The silk of your hair, having the fragrance of musk

The flow of river, stagnate on your walk
Taciturn the nightingales, your melody of talk
The depth of ocean, drown in your eyes
Naiveness of yours, are touching the skies

Your mesmerizing look, your tender figure
Feel of a fairy, softness of teddy bear
Your pristine charm, which glows & shine
You are the fairest of creation, by the hands of divine

You have your lips, from the redness of rose
You have your skin, made from the purest of gold
You have your laugh, like the sound of waterfalls,
You, yes you! You are the BARBIE of dolls.


Started on 8th Dec 1997, Monday

Coiffure: Hairstyle
Nymph: Goddess
Taciturn: Unable to speak
Pristine: Extremely pure, untouched

Akhilesh Singh
10th Dec 1997, 0030 Hrs


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