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The Greatest Gift of Mankind

Friendship is the rare gift given to a man,
if nurtured with care ,can be gained in a short span.
Lucky is the man who is gifted with this reward,
A true friend,for one's success will always strive hard.
In friendship there is always sweet and sour melodies,
Often it brings in life uncommonest of comedies.

The Bond of Harmony
Between you and me there remains a perfect harmony,
Of so delicate a bond of friendship as if it is an eternal bliss.
Sharing so much of affection and care,
this bond is almost fair and square.
When we met yesterday we hardly knew each other.
Today we are closed,today we are near.
Nothing is so soft, smooth and tender,
What we possess is the gift of wonder.
Let it grow,expand and broaden,
Like a mangrove or mimosa in this wide horizon.
What if it remains as it is today,
Let's make the coming days happier and gay.

Created in 2001 in memory of a beloved friend

Alpana Singh

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