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To The Almighty

I pray to Thee my dear loving God,
To let her take away peacefully
To let Thou take away her soul
And leave behind her sullen body.
Unperturbed and emotionless,
Lying there like a living corpse calmly.
Unbiased and unfeeling as well
But deep within pain is there undoubtedly.

Why gloom and melancholy is there my Lord?
In such a somber stage of man
When one is hopeless and helpless
With so much of queer things, to whom shall he complain?

Is this the old age a man comes across,
When he is so weak and so fragile
With weakening agility, and dependent on others
His life seems to be so futile?

Such a sweet and pleasing grandma she has been
Showering so much of warmth and affections
Working hard and active all through her life
But today she lays there lifeless.

Death! Thou shall be the strongest
But can’t disdain our spirits nor sway
For the body dies never the soul can
Will either rest in the heaven, or will come back some other day.

Grandma is with us, she will be ever after
Nevertheless she leaves us all behind.
For we remember all her good deeds
And the blessings she showered shall ever remind.

Created on 9 April 2009 on bed-ridden grandmother
and she left us all on 14th of June 2009

Alpana Singh

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