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She-‘The Woman’

She is the generator, the creator of life.
She is the loving mother, the caring wife.
Possessing the virtues, the effervescent charm,
Dutiful she is, affectionate and warm.

Dedicated and determined, she works for no price,
For her family she suffers, she seldom cries.
Withstands the agony, the tribulations and pain,
With an ever smiling face, no traces of complain.

She is the goddess, she is divine.
She is crystal- clear with all her shine.
She is magnificent, she makes history.
With profound knowledge, she rules the country.

She is an embodiment, the paragon of beauty.
A great inspirer, she excels in duty.
It is ‘she’ compatible to none.
She is the great gift of God called “WOMAN”.

20th July 2010
Alpana Singh

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