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Yahoo Messenger Online Status Query Method

This is the url that is used to get the online status from the Yahoo Servers:[user id]&m=[mode]&t=[type]

[user id] = user name ie Yahoo login
[mode] = mode, t: text, g: graphics
[type] = type for the mode

0: return is online / not online
1: return 00 or 01

0: Smiley
1: Smily + graphics text
2: Bigger graphics

For finding my Online Status something like this can be used:

<IMG src="">

The Form below uses the above method to dispaly anyone's online status.

Type in the Yahoo ID of the person to find his/her online status:
Yahoo ID:

Mode: Text Graphics

Result Type:

Online Status

Any comments, suggestions, please mail me.

Akhilesh Singh
06 Janyary 2005

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